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Import your Data

You can use XLSX files or an API from our list. We can provide custom connectors in the business Plan.

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Create a vizualisation

Choose what you want to display on your vizualisation and to whom.

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Read a vizualisation

Adopt a new point of view on your Data. Use Bakamap to be more efficient.

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Manage your account

You can change or cancel your plan in one click. Managing your teams is also very easy.

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Who is behind
Bakamap ?

Bakamap is a product from Bakasable company. We are mostly designer with strong experience in Dataviz projects

Our company

Why this tool ?

Bakamap is made for you. After 10 years of custom solutions, we saw that some needs are similar. We decided to put some of those solutions in a tool.

Who is using Bakamap ?

Managers, researcher, journalists, students, marketing services ... Anybody with semantic Data can use Bakamap.

I need more, can
you do something ?

Of course ! Our main activity is on demand vizualisation tools.

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Excel file

Import your own files to get started. Your columns will become your categories (by reading the first line).

Google Drive

Coming soon...

Other APIs

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Start using Bakamap

All those awesome features are one click away ! Start by creating a free account and then you can upgrade your plan to release the beast !