Let's empower your Data !

Bring your own data

- Guide you step by step on the upload and parse your data
- Trace all the informations needed to opimize your data
- Turn your simple spreadsheet into categories and tags

Create your map

- Choose what you want to confront, explore, analyse
- Establish a point of view on your dataset
- Inform / Comment your work

Explore, search & analyse

It's time for you to start manipulating your database in a whole new way.
- Identify important elements as well as the weak signals
- Understand the relations between your data

Some public maps

Export, share and more...

Such a sight ... It would be silly to keep it for yourself!
- Share your work with your collaborators, on social media or integrate your maps on your website online.
- Export an optimized Excel file of your choosing in order to keep working at it.
- Export your work in pictures so as to illustrate your futur presentation and reports.